What I Wore: Back to School

Hey everyone! Sorry that I haven’t posted in a long time but I have been really busy getting ready for my junior year at Loyola University Chicago!

I have to say it was so nice to get back in to a routine in Chicago and start feeling like I belong here again. Coming back from a year in Rome has been a really difficult transition but I think it will get much better now that I will be back in a groove.

I wasn’t really sure what to wear today (I need new clothing and inspiration!) So I went with dark wash Levi jeans and a sheer black top. I kept my hair curly since I am trying to keep it as healthy as possible and the makeup was all neutral from the Physicians Formula Nude palette.

Sorry I don’t have pictures up but since I live alone I can’t really take a picture of myself in a full body shot. I will put some pictures up soon though! Maybe I’ll just lay the outfit out, yeah?

I hope all of you who went back to school today had an amazing day like I did! My favorite part was reuniting with all of my old friends and enjoying my beautiful campus. 


One thought on “What I Wore: Back to School

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